Become a Guardian Angel

Consider supporting the important work of McGuire Memorial on an ongoing basis. As a member of the McGuire Memorial Angel Society, you can pledge an amount of $2,500 or more each year. Pledges can be fulfilled with one annual gift or through monthly credit card payments.

Special benefits of the McGuire Memorial Angel Society:

  • All Guardian Angel Society Members will receive a personalized thank-you gift made by one of the extraordinary individuals of the McGuire Memorial.
  • Members names will be printed on an angel ornament each year to be hung with honor on our Angel-themed Christmas tree.
  • Members of the McGuire Memorial Angel Society receive VIP seating at all Foundation events.
  • McGuire Memorial Angel Society will be recognized in our publications and event programs.
  • Members receive exclusive updates on fundraising campaign progress, new partnerships, radio and television broadcasts, and exclusive invitations to McGuire Memorial events such as our prom, graduation, annual musical and craft sale.
  • On Remembrance Day on November 2, a special Mass is held for members of the McGuire Memorial Angel Society as a sign of our gratitude. We hope you’ll join us!
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