A Message From Sister T

Dear Friends,

Every Day, I am blessed to see the faces of the children and adults of our McGuire Family who have been positively impacted by the kindness and support of friends like you. I also see how hard they struggle.

We have extraordinary individuals at McGuire Memorial who face enormous challenges on a daily basis.

Nicholas was born with a genetic abnormality that rendered him legally blind, unable to walk and unable to talk. When she first came to McGuire, Katherine who is autistic and only slightly verbal, had serious behavior issues because she couldn’t express her emotions. Doctors estimated that Maureen would not live beyond her twelfth birthday. Mitchell’s family increasingly worried about his care and safety at home, knowing that someone needs to be at his side 24/7. And when he first came as a preschooler to The School at McGuire Memorial, Andrew was unable to walk.

A little over fifty years ago, there were few warm, caring places for children or adults like Nicholas, Katherine, Maureen, Mitchell or Andrew with intellectual disabilities, let alone those with complex medical challenges. But thanks to the Felician Sisters, the Diocese of Pittsburgh, our community champions, and a caring community whose enthusiasm and generosity refused to wane — even though our services and our needs continue to grow — we have given God’s very special children a place where they can renew their enthusiasm for life, overcome obstacles, and serve as an inspiration to those of us who are privileged enough to work with them.

Today Nicholas and Katherine use communication devices to express themselves. Maureen has proven her doctor’s wrong and made magnificent strides that fill her parent’s hearts with joy. Happiness and success have been added to Mitchell’s life, and Andrew doesn’t walk. He runs on the playground with his friends.

Other challenges still exist, but because of your financial support, McGuire Memorial is able to offer individualized programs of specialized support filled with rich experiences and wondrous accomplishments. The growth of McGuire Memorial is a statement to the loving way that we respond to all people entrust in our care.

Every donation brings a fullness of the life to the children and adults of McGuire Memorial. This Giving Season, I am praying that your hearts to support us in any way you can.

If you would like a tour of McGuire Memorial and an introduction to Nicholas, Katherine, Maureen, Mitchell, Andrew, or any of their friends, please contact us.


Gratefully yours,
Sister Mary Thaddeus Markelewicz, CSSF
President and CEO, McGuire Memorial